New updated version of web-site!!!

Dear friends and visitors,
I am happy and honoured to present you an updated version of our web-site on
On Yarki islands of Northern Baikal 

A new face and new breath for the site as me on this picture:-)
A huge work has been done by @savorli who is a talented artist and a good friend!
I am going to keep you posted on best tours and news and interesting places on Baikal. So far the web-site is not completerly full with tours descriptions, but I hope to finish it soon. Therefore if you haven't found what you are looking for - feel free to contact me!
Also if you have notice smth that could be modified or improved - I would be very thankful for your comment and advise!

Thank you for travelling with "Baikal-Amikan"!
Live and discover!!!


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