Сообщения за Июнь, 2020

Magical bay on lake Baikal - "Sagaan-Zaba".

If anyone asks me about my favourite place on Baikal, I may talk about several places like that. But this bay "Sagaan-Zaba" is one of the most remarkable places and one of my favourite. Not many people have visited this place, as it is not so popular. But it is unique and has its own magical atmosphere. Cars cannot reach this bay, so you may get here only on foot or by boat from water-side. Dark cliff. White cliff. "Sagaan-Zaba" means "White Rock (cliff)" from the language of local people of Baikal. On the steep wall one may find petroglyphs - ancient rock drawings. When four hundred years ago, Cossack gangs invaded an unknown country and saw cave paintings, they decided that these were not just drawings, but letters left by its ancient inhabitants. That's why they called them "scribes" or "written stones." Indigenous people considered these rocks sacred places of their ancestors, drawings - works of spirits and surrounded them with