Сообщения за Апрель, 2013

A trip to Olkhon

I am kinda seasick. I miss summer and Baikal. I know it is coming, but still... It took me almost a year to make a video after our last trip to Olkhon. We went there last summer. I had the files stored in my comouter and never found time to put them all together, until last night. SO here it is, a short sketch about our 2-days trip to Olkhon - the biggest island on Baikal lake.

Horse-riding tour on Olkhon is available this summer 2013

I’m happy to introduce you the itinerary for the new horse-riding Baikal tour which is available for booking this summer season 2013. This tour will give you an opportunity to horse-ride at the most beautiful place of Baikal – Olkhon island, where the freshest wind is blowing while you’re galloping among the steppes, hills and forests surrounded by the greatest waters of Baika lake, as well as you’ll have one-day excursion to the northernmost of the island – Khoboy where the width of the lake and the steepness of its shores takes away the breath… Duration: 4 days/3 nights Day 1  Transfer to Olkhon, walk to Burkhan cape Welcome to Siberia! Once you arrive to the train station you’ll be met by your English-speaking guide who will accompany you during your trip. Transfer to Olkhon Island – the biggest island on Baikal lake by mini-van. It takes about 5-6 hours to cover the distance of 300 km. Out way runs partly through the forest, flowering meadows, little villages on