Сообщения за Август, 2012

Summer trip to Baikal

The wonderful trip to Baikal which I guided, which was very bright and seemed like a short life where everyone became a family still arises in my heart and reminds of warm people with great friendship and makes me proud of beautiful nature of our place. This is the picture of our team. The first extraordinary thing we did was buying the whole bucket of wild blackberries which some locals were selling on the side of the road. I guess it was the thirst for wilderness and natural food))) Then when we we arrived to Olkhon island onb the first day - we decided to take a bike-walk instead of a regular walk to the shore and Shamanka cape. For those who doesn't know, Shamanka or Burkhan cape is the face of Olkhon, the most popular image of Olkhon, etc.  The reason of why it was not typical is because most of the people was about 50, mostly office workers ,but once arriving to Baikal everyone felt so inspired and tired of office chairs that agreed that it was a great idea! Renting