Сообщения за Май, 2013
Cannot mention my favourite flowers. They are matchless. They are called snowdrops or locally Podsnezhnik. They are light yellow color with fluffy soft trunk and leaves. Once seeing them it is almost impossible not to touch them. They appear here in May. The colors may vary from yellow to light purple. You are lucky if you find a field of these - it's like a paradise. This is what we came across while trekking and hiking along Baikal shore from Bolshoe Goloustnoye to Listvyanka. This is an easy tour we do all year around. We set up the tent camp near by and having such a flowering garden right behind the tent door was a miracle. You can read more about this route here.

Missing the mountains

I miss the mountains. Their grandeur, silence and majesty. I feel myself strong and week at the same time. But most important I feel myself. I can listen to what is inside and what fills my inside, which is quite difficult in the rapid city life. This short hiking trip was in Ergaki - a mountain ridge in Sayan mountains. The name is translated as "Fingers" due to steep pointed up rocks. It is the territory of the National Park "Ergaki". The sights are "Emerald lake", Parabola rock (Younger and Older brother), Dragon's tooth, Rainbow lake and many others exciting places to see. It is one of the most beautiful spots in Russia. Here some of the views.