Сообщения за Декабрь, 2012
  A great video about Russia's specialty and piculiarities: Borsh, Banya, Dostoevskiy, old Russian car, and much more! Touch Russia...

A new trip "Baikal winter dream"

I'd like to invite you for a trip to winter Baikal. During this trip you’ll see the most beauties of wintry Baikal, ride over the ice of frozen Baikal by snowmobile and feel its vastness, experience dog-sledding on Baikal and spend night at the warm wooden houses, try Russian Banya, explore icy grottoes of Olkhon island, try ice-fishing and have a UAZ-car excursion to the northernmost of Olkhon island. It is a nice combination of activities and leisure at the same time! To read more... Day 1: Arrival to Irkutsk, meeting with your guide and transfer to Listvyanka by car.  On the way to Listvyanka you’ll have a stop in the open air Taltsy museum of wooden architecture which is located at the picturesque shore of Angara river. Your next stop will be near the Shaman rock  - a sacred place among local people. It stands in the widest river mouth in the world – the place where Angara river flows out of Baikal. In Listvyanka you’ll be accommodated at the hotel. Lunch. Sightse

The temperature is dropping

Winter has taken its full rights and is giving quite low temperatures to us! The night temperature of -25 C -30 C is a normal thing while at the day time it can be about +15 C on the warm days. The skiing and snowboarding and dog-sledding season has already started, but Baikal lake is not frozen yet. Will wait till the middle of January! Till then enjoy sunny days and snowfalls and long evenings!