Russian folk songs singing

When we welcome foreigners to Baikal lake, we try not just show them the most beautiful places, try the most exciting activities, taste the local food specialties, but also try to make them feel welcomed by our Siberian hospitality. We tell them about our culture, traditions and beliefs. Learning about the local traditions help them to understand the way of our life. On the last day of our tours we usually invite for festive dinner, where we exchange the impressions about the trip, share the experience and knowledge and present souvenirs. We also sing together - sing our Russian songs, simple folklore but so meaningful! We love to share. This is a little peace of our singing in the video. We sing our native anthem to Baikal - Glorious sea, sacred Baikal!

Славное море — священный Байкал
Славное море — священный Байкал,
Славный корабль — омулёвая бочка.
Эй, баргузин, пошевеливай вал,
Молодцу плыть недалечко.

Долго я тяжкие цепи влачил,
Долго скитался в горах Акатуя;
Старый товарищ бежать пособил —
Ожил я, волю почуя.

Шилка и Нерчинск не страшны теперь,
Горная стража меня не поймала,
В дебрях не тронул прожорливый зверь,
Пуля стрелка — миновала.

Шёл я и в ночь, и средь белого дня,
Вкруг городов озираяся зорко,
Хлебом кормили чалдонки меня,
Парни снабжали махоркой.

Славное море — священный Байкал,
Славный мой парус — кафтан дыроватый,
Эй, баргузин, пошевеливай вал,
Слышатся грома раскаты.

And the English version is below.

Glorious Sea, Sacred Baikal

Glorious sea - sacred Lake Baikal,
Glorious ship - barrel full of omul
Hey, Barguzin, move the waves,
The young lad doesn't have to swim far.
I wore heavy chains for a long time,
I spent a long time wandering in the hills of Akatuyev,
An old comrade helped me to escape -
I survived, sensing freedom.
Shilka and Nerchinsk are no longer frightening,
The mountain guards did not catch me,
In the forests the wild beast couldn't touch me,
The shooter's shot missed me.
( I went in the night and in broad daylight,
Looking around the city vigilantly,
The peasants fed me bread,
The lads provided me with tobacco. )
Glorious ship - sacred Baikal,
Glorious sail of mine - many holed kaftan,
Ey, Barguzin, move the waves,
The roars of thunder can be heard.


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