Сообщения за Июль, 2017

Join a tour to Baikal Lake in July- August 2017

Dear friends and travellers! You are welcome to join our on-going tour "Trekking along the shoreline of Baikal lake" and "Trekking to Cherskiy Peak" from 29 July 2017 till 6 August 2017! The program is below: Day 1. (24.07.17). Arrival Day. Day 2. (25.07.17) Transfer to Olkhon island, excursion to Burkhan cape 10.00 - Transfer to Olkhon Island – the biggest island on Baikal lake by public mini-bus. It takes about 6 -7 hours to cover the distance of 300 km. Our way runs partly through the forest, flowering meadows, little villages on both sides of the road. You can stop for some special local ritual of worshipping the local spirits. You’ll have a lunch stop on the way in one of the road cafes. For lunch you can try traditional Buryat dish – Pozy (Boozy). When you arrive to Small sea – part of Baikal which is separated from main part by Olkhon Island from one side and Primorskiy mountain range from another – you’ll cross Olkhon Gates Strait by a ferry