Сообщения за Январь, 2019

Cold, frost and silence of Siberian nature

Cold, frost and silence of Siberian nature in a winter trip on skis. Zangisan river, January 2018.  It was the coldest time of the month, but we survived! Incredible views, feeling myself in a fairy-tale, with sparkling snow under the feet (and yet-unfrozen river, as we found out once started the route). Great winter memories of our beautiful home-land.

Winter trip on skis to Zangisan river

"I take a step and with the cracking sound I fall down with two feet under the ice. For some seconds I become numb and shocked. Pictures rush through my head like ice water is now pouring into boots and the river flow starts carrying me away under the ice. "Get out"  - a signal bumps into my head but heavy backpack is pulling me down. I get my feet out to the edge of ice and look down — it’s empty and the dry ice has broken off, and only at the bottom there is rushing water :-) Uh, thanks God! - I breathe out with relief. From this ice-hole we took drinking water for dinner, and the next morning the river got frozen again. " - notes from the diary of the weekend hike on the river. M.Zangisan, January 2019. Along the canyon of Zangisan river Frozen shores of the river Trekking in the frozen forest in Siberia At this place I fell down under the ice Camping in the forest in winter, Tunkinskaya valley