Сообщения за Апрель, 2014

Blue spring at Baikal

Blue fresh snow. Blue sky. Shadows on snow - like blue lightning. Blue distance, blue ice floe. Blue footprints in the snow. Blue forest far away. Blue puddles and blue icicles. Blue brook running in blue Baikal. And on the horizon - blue stripe of blue mountains. The whole world is blue! In the morning it is frosty and fresh, and in the afternoon steaming from the warm breath of spring ... and drops of icicles melting ... turned out a marvelous day for a trip to Lake Baikal.

Winter trip to frozen Baikal_Day 2 and Day 3

Day 2. This day happened without me this time, accompanied by Vika. Today as per itinerary - Listvyanka – Bolshie Koty by dog-sledges and snowmobiles. The luggage was succesfully transfered by a mini-van to Bolshie Koty.  The trip begins in Listvyanka village and goes for about 20 km to Chernaya (Black) valley. The route starts along a river valley and goes through the forest, climbs the Black pass which seemed quite difficult for both dogs and the participants, then comes quite steep down to the Black valley, the dogs are happy to run fast at this part of the route and thus quite soon the group reached the Prospector's Retreat lodge where everyone could enjoy lunch. Further the route for dog-sledding goes over the ice of Baikal Lake to Bolshie Koty village which is about 4 km away.  A walk around the village, sightseeing, walk over the ice of frozen Baikal. In the evening  Russian steam sauna – Banya. Dinner and overnight at the wooden houses. For me this day was spent in Irku

Winter trip to frozen Baikal

Taltsy museum of wooden architecture This March I was honored and pleased to organize and quide a group of close friends from Germany and Australia, very positive, extraordinary, creative and kindest people. The weather during the trip was bright and sunny, as we say: "For good people - good weather". We had cold and warm days, some were wearing up to 15 pieces of clothes not to get frozen, had frosty strong wind blowing in our faces and gentle warm sun which nobody believes we have in Siberia. Thank you, Baikal, and thank God, and thank all the people who made tris trip possible and unforgettable for all of us. Some pho tos from the trip and activities together with places which we visited. On Day 1  we visited the most picturesque sights of Listvyanka and its surroundings. We went to the  open air Taltsy museum of wooden architecture which is located at the picturesque shore of Angara river, had lunch in Traktir with tasting the local cousine and Medovukha drink mad

Cultural tour to visit both western and eastern Baikal shores

We start a new tour to visit Baikal lake from both eastern and western shores –  Irkutsk region and Buryatia Republic and visit ancient beautiful cities – Irkutsk and   Ulan-Ude . You’ll get acquainted with culture and traditions of native Baykal peoples, three Russian and Buryat’s religions – Orthodoxy, Shamanism and Buddhism, visit Orthodox churches and Buddhist datsans. Besides that you will visit reserve and ecological places of Baykal, mineral springs in the foothills of Sayan mountains - in   Tunka valley . Also you’ll have an opportunity of taking hot radon bath on Baykal shore. After the trip you’ll have unforgettable impressions of Siberian remote and marvelous lake Baykal, amazing nature and people living in that brutal but hospitable land. We call this tour  2+3+2=7 (2 Baykal shores + 3 religions on Baykal + 2 Russian regions = 7 days). Read the tour itinerary here.