Winter trip to frozen Baikal

Taltsy museum of wooden architecture
This March I was honored and pleased to organize and quide a group of close friends from Germany and Australia, very positive, extraordinary, creative and kindest people. The weather during the trip was bright and sunny, as we say: "For good people - good weather". We had cold and warm days, some were wearing up to 15 pieces of clothes not to get frozen, had frosty strong wind blowing in our faces and gentle warm sun which nobody believes we have in Siberia. Thank you, Baikal, and thank God, and thank all the people who made tris trip possible and unforgettable for all of us. Some photos from the trip and activities together with places which we visited.
On Daywe visited the most picturesque sights of Listvyanka and its surroundings. We went to the  open air Taltsy museum of wooden architecture which is located at the picturesque shore of Angara river, had lunch in Traktir with tasting the local cousine and Medovukha drink made of ginger, cinnamon, honey, local berries and some spices which everybody enjoyed very much.
The whole group together

Childen enjoying the ice-slopes in the museum

Making the local dish - Pozy (meat dumplings)

Tasting Medovukha drink and Borsh in Traktir

I am telling about the wooden house construction

Then we went to the shore of Angara river to take the first pictures of clear ice as everyone couldn't wait to see transparent Baikal ice. Mongolian yurt with traditional singing and fontaining bowls attracted ladies for another half an hour.
In Mongolian yurt
Our next stop was at the foot of the hill of Cherskiy rock, where we took a ride by a funnicular and enjoyed the Alpine views to the surroundings and the snowboarders riding underneath us. From the top of the rock there is an amazing view to Port Baikal on the opposite shore and Angara river outflow. We followed the traditional ritual of donating alcohol to Baikal God - Burkhan and asked for nice weather and blessing for this trip. 
On a funnicular

Uggis are not working good...
 Banya was heated for us by 5pm and first of all we all went to see the ice-hole in the water which everyone was excited about. Plunging into the icy water washed away the tension and fatugue and helped to relax. Dinner in the restaurant on the way and late return to the hotel completed this day.

Plunging in the ice hole after Banya

The rest of the description is coming... If you want to find the detailed itinerary, please, visit the web-site.


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