Сообщения за Октябрь, 2017

Reindeer herders of Northern Baikal lake

With reindeer of Northern Baikal On the North of Baikal lake, in the highlands of Verkhnelenskiy mountain range there is a reindeer farm. This remoted place has preserved old unique culture, lifestyle of Evenki people - the native people of Siberia. They are called "Deer people" as reindeer breeding, hunting and fishing used to be their main activity. I was lucky to meet these people myself this June 2017. We stayed and travelled together for 5 days in dense untouched taiga and tundra. We have met no other people during all that time except for the Evenki who live there and watch for the reindeer. A little piece from my notes which I made during my stay: "This trip is adventure of the lifetime. I still remember clearly the valley where our deer were eating the moss, the place where we set up our Chum, the meadows of the wild flowers and Rhododendron blossoming, the fresh footprints of bear on our path, the grace and mighty of this huge wild animal chasing away u