To feel winter go to the mountains...

We had a wondeful weekend skiing in Khamar-Daban mountains. That's the place where you get the feeling of real winter, with snow-covered trees around, frozen river and frost on your face. The feeling of freedom and hapiness comes from the surrounding nature. Once more I thank the Universe for being born here, this place has so much to offer, to teach, to discover and to learn.
A "Winter fairytale" is a name of the tour which we offer to anyone who would like to experience and enjoy real winter! During this journey you'll  plunge into fabulous atmosphere of wintry fairy-tale of southern Baikal shore, you'll fall in love with ancient mountain ridge – Khamar-Daban, ski (or trek) the distance of about 50 km (during 3 days), spend a night in a wooden cabin in the forest, will feel the atmosphere of real winter in all its beauty with snow-capped mountains and cedar-trees deep in the carpet of snow. 
You will climb one of the highest mounts of this area - Peak Cherskogo and enjoy the fabulous view to the surrouning landscape. You will spend one night in a hotel on the shore of Baikal lake and have ice-climbing on icefalls of Sayan mountains, as well as swim in natural hot springs of Zhemchug village. It is possible to do snowmobiling in the wintry taiga forest from Sludyanka to Meteostation. (on demand). Visit our web-site for more info.


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