Crystal Baikal ice (Le lac Baikal gelé)

We invite you to join us on "Crystal Baikal ice" tour from Feb 19 to Feb 25, 2017. THERE ARE TWO PLACES LEFT! The cost is 56 000 rub. 
Broken ice of Baikal lake in the sunset

During this tour you will explore wintry Baikal lake while snowmobiling in the forest, dog-sledding (optional) on the ice, aeroglisseur ride to the biggest island on the lake - Olkhon, admire the ice-grottoes and laced ice on the rocks, try ice-fishing and relax in steam sauna - Banya, as well as to get familiar with local traditions and cuisine.This is where the snow, ice, wind and frost meet. Significant turquoise ice-blocks, fields of ice, fresh breeze from the mountains near-by, crystalling Baikal ice under your feet is so transparent that the brain refuses to understand that there is a support under your feet, and the sky, which is reflected in the ice. For detailed tour itinerary, please, visit our site.


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