Fresh breath of nature

Listvyanka is getting more and more attractive to tourists. But not everyone knows that just a few kilometers behind it there is taiga forest with a narrow trail which will lead you to Baikal through its valleys, beaches, up and down-hills. It is marvellous there. It is a sip of fresh air, cold and humid, escented with smells of wild flowers blossoming and the smell of wet fir-needles after the rain. It is a sip of freedom which fills your heart while watching the endless waters sparkle under sunshine. It is a sip of magic watching the fog rise up along the rocks from the water. You simply dissolve in the silence around, but sometimes awaken by the boats floating in Baikal waters. I love this place and i thank God for giving us a chance to run away from the city and deep into the woods for just a few hours to be close to nature.


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