I haven't been on my blog recently. But now I'm available on Instagram as sweetlana_baikal 
Baikal lake is not frozen yet, due to warm temperatures this year. I don't remember such poor ice-condition before. Usually it was already frozen in the middle of January. The ice is still very thin and every day once the wind blows, it gets broken and sometimes (which happens very often during the past week) even people can be carried away being on an ice-piece and need to be resqued to get back to the ground. It happens on Olkhon, in Listvyanka, in Sludyanka - in any part. In Listvyanka the ice reaches just 10cm thick near the shoreline (measured yesterday by the captain of the ship which stands in Baikal by the shore). Thus black waters of sacred sea don't want to be covered by ice-shield and Baikal is still awake. Still we are getting ready to organise and guide two french groups this month to wintry Baikal lake. It is amazing anyway, in any weather, any season.


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