Spring at Baikal

Winter is over, Baikal is still, calm, blue as the sky above it, the air is clear and transparent just like its waters. One may sit for hours on the shore, admiring snowcapped mountains on the back, the vastness of the Sea and looking at the stones through clear still water. The stones are so beautiful as it seemes like they were brought here by someone to be washed by precious waters of the Great lake. The near-by slopes are coloured with bushes of bright pink Rhododendron flowers and on the dry grass one may find adorable Podsnezhnik (under-snow) flowers with soft fur on its trunks. Spring is time for new beginnings, the nature around is awake and inspires to breath the full lungs and live life to the fullest. Go hiking along the shore of Baikal, camping in its forests, quad-riding discovering Baikal wilderness and diving admiring its waters!


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