Horse-riding on Baikal lake, Olkhon island

The horse-riding tour on the biggest island of Baikal lake - Olkhon lasted for 4 days for 4 of us. Three young energetic Australians, two ladies - Cassandra and Victoria and one man - Justin, arrived early in the morning on the 16th of July and headed straight to Olkhon. You don't need to be specially trained for this tour, it is also nice for family tour at Baikal. The ferry was quite busy as it is a high season, so even the advantage of public buses which usually go first didn't help much and we got lucky only with the 3rd ferry. Thus we arrived to Khuzhir only by 5pm as we had been admiring the lake, the birds and near-by surroundings of the MRS village waiting for the ferry for about 2 hours. Beautiful views of blossoming meadows and good food on the way. Dinner and overnight at the cozy Nikita's homestead. 

The next day was the bumpy Russian military UAZ-car ride to the very north of the island with some stops and stunning views to the island's landscape and nature while the rain was pouring all around us and finally caught us on the very very northernmost of the island - Khoboy rock. Sacred rain, which doesn't appear on the island quite often, only for the blessed ones. Picnic with the sunny weather again and the Omul fish soup made of Baikal water tastes good as never before. One more stop at Three brothers Cape, which obviously is a stoned Eagle which carries Olkhon on its strong wings. Strong place. Powerfull, mighty and peaceful. 

Banya upon returning to the base brings total relax to the end of this day. Horse-riding day tour to the south of the island - Shara Nur lake. Raining morning, we aren't afraid of wet horses and gloomy weather as we know that weather on Olkhon changes a lot during the day. 

Orlik, Lord, Kazak are our new friends, the other one had to return back to the farm. Luckily we got wet and dry on the way, and the horses were quite calm and well obedient. Trotting on the way at the flat areas as the ground is still wet and slippery. Lunch next to the lake, relaxing near the fire, tasting barbecued Omul which was kindly presented to us by some family who was camping near-by. At 16.00 we started back. 
Funny as we ride the horse, but our legs and some other parts of the bodies are sour. The animals feel coming back home and become more energetic. We trot all together.The forest is behind and steppe and Baikal is in front. Going down the last hill was the most difficult. There we are, take off the gear and feel our bodies different way. Thanks to these wonderful beautiful graceful animals and our instructors Alexey and Nikita who made this day and experience very special. I go to collect the theme which blossoms purple on the near-by sands to remember the smell of summer Olkhon and we start back to the homestead. Banya is needed for today. Beautiful sunset with the rainbow and open-hearted man Nickolas who is a very talented piano and guitar and accordion player and singer complete this day. It is always sad to leave this island. It keeps the mistery of each of its place, day and sunset.

The tour itinerary of Horse-riding at Baikal, summer Olkhon island you can read here. More photos of this trip you can find here.


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