Frozen Baikal in January 2013

We’ve visited Baikal lake today and guess what! It’s sensational but it is frozen! (At least in Listvyanka it is)) This year it is the earliest as I can remember time – early January when Baikal is frozen already! Usually it happens in the middle of January only but due to the low temperatures of December last year the water got frozen. We walked a little on the ice feeling very strange as it always feels when standing on the ice for the first time after a while, especially fresh ice. It is considered safe to walk over the ice the its thickness reaches 10cm and for the car to drive – when it is 20cm. I hope this year there will be lots of places with clear ice-fields suitable to skate, but Baikal is creative and I’m sure his design is the best anyway. So, Baikal welcomes to its frozen spaces!!! Try our Baikal winter tours here.

And it was the first time when Kristina has ever stood on the frozen Baikal (she is 1,2 years old) and touched the ice herself.  Hope she’ll remember.


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